Carbon Structural Steel is used in construction or building projects. In its most basic definition, structural steel is defined as a steel shape for use in construction.  Structural steel is a carbon steel, meaning it has a carbon content of up to 2.1 percent by weight. After iron, carbon is the most important element in carbon steel. Increasing the amount of carbon in the composition of steel results in materials that have high strength and low ductility. An overview of structural steel would not be complete without discussing the different shapes of structural steel. We stock a variety of shapes including but not limited to angle, bar grating, beams, channels, reinforcing bars, expanded metal, flat bars, floor plates, pipe, plate, round bar, square bar, sheet, rectangle tube, round tube, and square tube. This steel also comes in a variety of finishes including hot rolled and cold rolled. We also offer custom fabrication, welding, drilling and forming. Please see below for our stock list.  If you do not see what you are looking for please give us a call.